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Next Trip to Haiti

November 16- November 24, 2019

This coming November, we are tentatively (depending on political stability) taking a medical team to Haiti  in partnership with Aid International. We will set up mobile medical clinics in Gouneau and Les Cayes.  This area was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew three years ago and there are still many struggling with the lack of basic needs such as water, food and shelter.  The cost of this trip is $800 plus airfare. This covers food, lodging, salary for the interpreters and drivers, transportation and the cost of supplies (medical and otherwise). 

Please contact us if you have questions or are interested and we will send you a registration form.  Once your application has been accepted, we will send you the orientation package and request a deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable unless we must cancel the trip for some reason. Given the ever-changing political climate in Haiti, we request that you hold off on purchasing your plane ticket both until we let you know it is okay to do so.


Registration Package


Planton casse Community clinic

If you are a medical or surgical resident or physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant interesting in volunteering at the free-standing Planton Casse community clinic, please let us know!  In the future, we would also like to provide dental care and optometry/ophthalmology services, even if its just a couple weeks of the year.  We particularly need people who are willing to provide skills training for our Haitian nurses who are functioning as full time providers at the clinic. Kolo and Elise are interested in receiving continuing medical education as often as possible so as to feel more comfortable in their roles here. They are also interesting in furthering their English skills so we definitely have a place for anyone who is interested in volunteering their time to this end as well. 


Kythoni Jacmel Property

We have purchased a property in Jacmel Haiti! This will serve as our base of operations in country. We are looking for people to serve in various capacities as we develop this land. We will need individuals to help with the design of the buildings, layout, construction, solar installation, etc. If you are interested in becoming part of this team, please contact us. We welcome creativity.

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