The fruit of Silence is prayer. The fruit of Prayer is faith. The fruit of Faith is love. The fruit of Love is service.
-Mother Theresa


Planton CAsse Community Clinic

The Planton Casse (Plan-taan Kas) Community Clinic is located in Marbial, a rural community outside of Jacmel, Haiti. The clinic is staffed by two Haitian nurses and a lab technician. Marbial is a very remote area with no medical care. The closest medical facility is a two hour hike away, accessible only in the dry season and not well-equipped.


Mobile Clinics

Kythoni partners with Aid International in Haiti to provide medical care in remote areas that otherwise do not have access to these services. We provide these services through mobile clinics one to two times a year. These teams are typically comprised of at least two nurses and two providers but otherwise volunteers do not necessarily need to have medical experience.


Gift a Goat

You can participate in this program by donating to purchase a goat for a student in Marbial, Haiti. A goat can provide so much for each family, starting with nutrition by direct consumption of the goat milk. Each goat can also produce income through successfully breeding and selling the offspring. A single goat can produce 2-3 kids (baby goats) per year.