Kythoni Property Development in Haiti

A few years ago, we purchased a piece of property down the road from the Aid International orphanage just outside of Jacmel, Haiti. This property will serve as a base of operations for our organization given our deep ties to this particular country and commitment to our partnership with Aid International. This location will serve as a place for our short and long term missionaries to stay as well as a office space, public health training facilities and storage for medical and other supplies as we frequently take medical teams to rural areas in Haiti.

We are developing this property as funds although. We are currently nearing the completion of the wall around the property which is the necessary first step to protect the land. Next we will drill a well and begin construction for the living accommodations.

See volunteer opportunities for this project by clicking here. We need architects, engineers and people with construction experience.

Please consider donating specifically to this cause. We are developing this land is in an effort to facilitate our many projects in Haiti. Click here to contribute through PayPal and specify “KYTHONI PROPERTY.” All donations are tax-deductible.