Mobile Medical Clinics

We initially started working with the Alix Family and their organization, Aid International, in 2006 through our church in Pennsylvania when Marlaine Alix requested a team to provide medical care to a couple of the communities they serve. Our Medical Director, Jennifer, became more involved with this particular project and continues to organize medical teams to take to rural communities in partnership with Aid International. This is a significant part of our service to Haiti and we organize a medical team one to two times a year to set up mobile clinics in rural southern Haiti. We are happy to provide this service in partnership with other local organizations in Haiti or elsewhere so please submit a request if you would like to discuss other rural areas in need of medical care. We have gained significant experience in organizing teams and gathering the necessary supplies to implement mobile clinics and public health education in resource poor settings.

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Medical experience is not a requirement for joining one of these trips. Many different types of support people are needed.