Our family became involved in short terms missions work through our church in Pennsylvania many years ago. Through this ministry, we developed close relationships with several individuals and organizations internationally. Our family has since trickled down to North Carolina and we felt that forming a small non-profit organization was the best way to continue foster those partnerships and friendships. We believe that we have been called to share Christ’s love and the gifts that we have been given by God. It is our desire to love others through service.

We have continued to branch out and, as our mission statement indicates, we are willing to go wherever called.  

Kythoni is the Greek name for quince, otherwise known as the fruit of love.  We agree with Mother Theresa when she said:

The fruit of Silence is prayer. 
The fruit of Prayer is faith. 
The fruit of Faith is love. 
The fruit of Love is service. 

We seek to support local, ongoing efforts and be available to network and connect with other like-minded organizations and individuals, regardless of religious background.

Watch this video to learn more about how and why Kythoni came to be.